Online Games You Go Back For

My attention span is pretty short. While I tend to be goal driven, I also get very bored very fast. Online games can only keep my attention so long before I get tired of them and do something else.
Although there are a few games online I go back to on a regular basis. You could say I rotate through them, quitting and coming back several months later. So I thought I would share the list of games I play “here and there” when the mood strikes me, and I never really “quit for good”.

I’ve played this one on and off for several years. There’s a lot of things to do, but the activities get repetitive after awhile. Usually I leave for a several months or a year, then play for a several months. The subscription is pretty cheap so easily justified, and every time I go back they seem to have something new to check out (usually a new skill) that keeps me entertained for awhile.

You can also play this one for free, but I’m so deep in the membership I couldn’t see playing the free version anymore. Besides, I usually stick with it for at least a month or two (usually longer) when I join again.

Adventure Quest / Battleon
Now this one is really worth the money you spend to play. It’s a one time payment that never expires, so you can come and go as you please. Again doing the same thing over and over gets boring after awhile, so I take long breaks from it as well. It still entertains me though.

Membership required if you want to play some of the good games, but they do have a very nice free option as well. I have been a member for probably about 3 years now, and I come to this site often. I never have canceled my subscription in the time I’ve been a member, because my breaks from this site usually aren’t very long. Plus they give me a goal to come achieve every week, so even if I’ve gotten bored with the site I’ll still pop in and do the weekly challenges.

I also have a membership to this site. The great part about this membership is you only redeem the credits for the games when you want to. So when I get in the mood to play games at this site, I’ll go download the ones I want and use several credits in a week or two. Then I lose interest and save my credits for several months. Works for me!

I’m sure there are lots of other game sites out there, and I’ve probably messed with most of them at some point in time. But the sites above are not just my favorite, but also the sites I go back to time and time again. Feel free to add your own to this list!

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